Who we are and where we came from.
Proudly serving Seattle's automotive service and repair needs for 38 years!

We're simply a different type of repair shop. You're our neighbors and friends in the community. We take pride in assuring we look out for you and treat you with the respect and courtesy that we would expect for ourselves. We take great pride in our work, we have some of the best technicians in town working for us; we use the latest technology and quality parts to ensure success in any maintenance service or repair!

Fat City started with a passion here in Seattle by the former owner and his brother. Back in 1973 Seattle was in the throes of a deep recession; many houses and businesses were empty, and in advanced state of disrepair. The two brothers climbed Queen Anne hill under gray skies and driving rain to see building that would be home to their new garage. To their dismay, the foundation of the old shop was so rotten that the whole building had sunk into the ground so far, that the door would not open. They had to jack the entire building off the ground so that we could get in. After the shop had finally inched its way back to grade level, They opened the big rolling door and stepped inside. At that moment the sun came out from behind the clouds and poured in through the windows. One of the brothers exclaimed, “We’re in Fat City!” The name stuck, and the rest is history.

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